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Landscape Improvement

Landscape Conversion To Promote Water Conservation

TCGS throughout the years of field experience promote and recommend the following list of seven based principles used for systematic method of promoting water conservation in landscaped areas. TCGS landscape improvement experts, are confident the listed recommendations, in addition aid in the preservation of your landscape investment.

Planning and design

Provides direction and guidance, mapping your water and energy conservation strategies, both of which will be dependent upon your regional climate and microclimate.

Selecting and zoning plants appropriately

Bases your plant selections and locations on those that will flourish in your regional climate.

Limiting turf areas

Reducing turf by efficient landscape design, will aid in the reduction of supplemental watering.

Improving the soil

Enables soil to better absorb water and to encourage deeper roots.

Irrigating efficiently

Encourages using proper irrigation method that waters plants in each area most efficiently.


Keeps plant roots cool, minimizes evaporation, prevents soil from crusting, weed growth reduction, and increases mycorrhiza root activity

Routine landscape maintenance

Provides frequent inspection of landscape site to monitor irrigation distribution for plant and tree growth development to aid in water adjustments per season.

Supervised by Qualified Commercial Landscape Team.

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